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When it comes to sales performance…your past success won’t overcompensate for a lack of structure. In the absence of structure, errors go unnoticed, get repeated, and your income becomes constrained.
“Think about this…it’s hard to fix and improve something you can’t see…that’s why when it comes to improving your sales performance….structure matters!”

Here’s a fact: life insurance advisors that codify their selling activities and put clarity around their sales conversations’ make more money, serve more clients and grow their business more quickly. Red Flag’s Compass Framework is designed for life insurance entrepreneurs looking for an advantage while competing in a commoditized industry.

Standardized selling activity
Make winning new clients easy and repeatable by standardizing your daily selling activities.
A Single Framework
Create sales structure with a single framework that is memorable, teachable, and scalable.
Gain new insights
Gain the ability to see and improve your daily selling activities in ways you couldn’t before.
Immediate Application
Immediately apply The Compass Framework to new and existing selling opportunities.
Learn Vital Conversations
Learn 3 vital client conversations to fill your pipeline more quickly, shorten sales cycles, and win more clients.
Leverage Benchmarking
Learn how to leverage performance benchmarking to boost your revenue now.

Why does structure matter?


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