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Are you experiencing client procrastination and higher rates of stalled deals?
Have you given sound advice to a client in need and they didn’t take action?
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The Game of Sales: How It’s Played and How It’s Won

In this E-Book, you will gain insight into perfecting your sales game. Some insight you’ll gain:

  • When it comes to selling life insurance, there are two dominant approaches or archetypes, you are either a Benefits Communicator or a Change Navigator. Knowing your archetype matters! 
  • How The Compass breaks down the sales game into a visible playing field, enabling you to see and play the game in ways you never could before.
  • How Red Flag’s research highlights the predictability in a decision towards change. Chuck links this behavior to the decision to buy. The decision to buy is a decision to change..change from what the buyer is currently doing to what is being recommended. 
  • Red Flag Compass Framework and the vital role it plays in avoiding stalled deals, shortening your sales cycles, and creating urgency when delivering client advice.

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About the Author

Chuck is an industry insider and knows what it takes to challenge and inspire change in growth-minded individuals and organizations.
Twenty-five years ago, Chuck entered the competitive field of selling complex life insurance solutions to select families and business owners. He has competed and won against almost every type of distribution channel in the life insurance industry. His background as a pioneer, entrepreneur, and industry insider combined with his late partner’s unparalleled background as a retired Admiral with 32 years as a Navy SEAL and former commander of all SEAL Teams positions his firm with a unique understanding and discipline in helping sales teams unlock hidden potential.
Chuck Hollander
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