The 2018 Red Flag program, exclusively offered to Lion Street Owners, offers strategic and tactical takeaways to help you and your team sell more life insurance and grow more quickly with less effort.


Red Flag Program is a Specialized Business Solution
Offered Through a Partnership with

For Some…Getting Good Is No Longer Good Enough

Here’s the challenge…most of the industry’s top life insurance producers have been taught more about how to build a business that can perform in the short run than they have been taught about building one that has the health and vitality to win over the long haul.

Chuck and Admiral Smith have identified how the same set of problems eat away at the advisor’s productivity and their team’s ability to consistently win in a crowded marketplace. This specialized program is designed to help Lion Street owners overcome these odds, build a healthy business and achieve their full potential.

Several of Lion Street’s most successful Firms have engaged Red Flag as their training program and have seen sales, productivity and the health of their business increase immediately.

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • The value of a “Professional Sales Team” and how to build one
  • The role leadership plays in shaping your company’s future
  • How to identify and develop emerging leaders to reduce team dependency
  • How to select, train and build a world class team
  • How to create a learning environment to accelerate the collective growth of the team
  • How to create tactical excellence where it matters most – client acquisition
  • How to re-engineer your firm’s sales process to get results - faster with less effort
  • How to collectively align your entire team to get, keep and multiply clients
  • How to transform your team into a business advantage


In this specialized program, you will be introduced to how Red Flag has combined Chuck and Admiral Smith’s unique experience, insight and wisdom to deliberately build something different – a program that takes the guess work out of building a firm that consistently performs at its best!


  • (3) Three Live In-Person Sessions in Chicago at the Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel
  • Monthly Virtual Group Sessions
  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Chuck Hollander
  • (2) Payment Options:
  1. $13,500 Paid In Full (per Firm) plus (1) additional attendee at no additional cost
  2. $7,000 (2) Pay Option | 1st payment completed upon registration the 2nd payment January 2nd. Plus (1) additional attendee at no additional cost.

The first training of 2018 will be held Tuesday, January 9th.

Attendees arrive Monday evening, January 8th, for the full-day training on Tuesday 9th; the program will end by 4:00 pm (Central)








Learn why some of the industry’s most respected sales leaders and senior executives in the life insurance industry have turned to Red Flag for help in overcoming the challenges of competing in a crowded and rapidly changing sales environment.


Chuck is an industry insider and knows how to challenge and inspire change in growth minded individuals and organizations. He has been one of the life insurance and financial services industry’s top producers for decades. He has competed and won against almost every type of distribution channel in the financial services industry. He is past president and chairman of the board of one of the life insurance industry’s most elite member organizations, Forum400, formerly known as The International Forum. Chuck is a Certified Blue Ocean Strategy® consultant—one of the very few in North America.


Admiral Smith is a 31-year retired SEAL. Admiral Smith knows what it takes to build and sustain high performance teams and he knows what it takes to unlock the full potential of large-scale organizations and specialized teams. Admiral Smith doesn’t teach good ideas he teaches leadership and team building methodologies that work.  Red Flag clients have an uncommon opportunity to work directly with Admiral Smith through specialized lesson plans led by the Admiral. Red Flag teachings and programs have been purposefully designed to leverage his unique experiences as a decorated Commander of one of the world’s most effective, highly disciplined and top performing teams–the Navy SEAL's.


Apply a Step-By-Step Process to Leverage Your Years Of Success
and Unlock Your Firm’s Full Potential!



What kind of results can I expect?

You should expect the following business outcomes:

In terms of Leadership: Improved organizational clarity, focus and productivity
In terms of Team Building: Improved accountability and team execution
In terms of Strategy: Measurable revenue driving marketing and sales activities
In terms of Sales: 25% increase in new life insurance sales over prior year’s production

What happens at the In-Person Sessions?

The day consists of a combination of specific teachings and actionable exercises. The teachings are broken up into strategic and tactical areas of focus for building yourself, your team and your business. The In-Person Sessions are held approximately every sixty days on the second week of that corresponding month. Expect an interactive environment combining individual work and group discussions with a full day of recharging your batteries starting promptly at 8:30 am and go to 4:00 pm with frequent breaks. A catered lunch is provided at each In-Person Session.

What resources are available to support me and my team in between the In-Person Sessions?

There are two additional resources to help you and your team maintain your progress in between the In-Person Sessions: Virtual Sessions and 1-on-1 Private Coaching Calls.

What happens on the Virtual Sessions?

The purpose of the Virtual Sessions is to connect the teachings to your current selling activities and create immediate impact. These sessions are deliberately designed to help you and your entire team accelerate the application of what has already been taught into fast and recognizable sales results. Equally as important, they will also act as regular “debriefings” exposing new “lessons learned” accelerating the group’s collective growth again in real time! Many participants will find the concept of debriefings to be the single largest catalyst to experiencing improved sales results, team performance and personal growth. These Sessions are 60 minutes and held the 1st Friday of each month.

What happens on the 1:1 Coaching Calls?

Each participant is invited to schedule a 30-minute one on one coaching call on the same Friday the Virtual Sessions are held. On these days, Red Flag blocks off three hours dedicated to one on one coaching with the Lion Street Owners and their teams between the hours of 10:00 am and 1:00 pm Pacific. These sessions offer great opportunities to cascade what is taught at the full day In-Person Sessions and bring those teachings to your entire team. The coaching hours are set aside in advance with easy access and automated scheduling technology for your convenience. The coaching calls are limited to 30-minutes and are first come first scheduled.

How long is the program?

The Red Flag Program has been designed in partnership with Lion Street to help you build a business that functions like a world class team – and this takes time. Currently the vision between Red Flag and Lion Street is to offer participation in the program through “limited group” size. You will be able to participate in two phases, the second phase building on the first, each phase consists of three In-Person Sessions. When combined the two phases add up to six separate full-day In-Person Sessions and approximately twelve full months dedicated to help you build a better business powered by a clear thinking and collectively inspired team. The teachings in each phase are intentionally designed to build on one another, when linked together serve as an entire “firm building” system built exclusively for Lion Street Owners.  The system gives Lion Street Owners an opportunity to invest in building themselves, building their team, building their business.

Registration and separate fees are required for each phase. Through your participation in both phases, you should expect to achieve goals towards transforming your business, rejuvenating your team and creating a lift in actual sales performance of over 25% of your prior year’s production.

What happens if I can’t make it to an In-Person Session I’m scheduled to attend?

Occasionally, things happen that keep you from attending your In-Person Session as scheduled. We do not offer refunds for missed sessions, however, we will do our best to offer alternatives that deliver the content from a missed session.

What options do I have to pay my fees?

Fees for the Red Flag Program are made in two payments; 50% upon registration 50% one week before scheduled 1st In-Person Session. All participants must have their fees paid in full before attending the first session. Through our experience, this creates a learning environment that translates into a commitment to participate fully and get the most out of the sessions. This of course improves the experience for everyone.

What makes the Red Flag program so effective?

Everything about the program is tailored to help Lion Street owners create better outcomes for their business.

  • People focused:  Winning teams don’t rely on quality products and sales ideas they rely on the collective talent of the “people” on their team.
  • Proven frameworks:  Red Flag is an authority on the disciplines we teach; and we turn that subject expertise into delivering real, predictable and measurable results.
  • Industry-specific tools and expertise:  The tools that Red Flag provides are tailored specifically for experienced and already successful life insurance producers rather than being generic, business performance tools built for all types of producers.
  • Immediate sales improvements: The Red Flag program and its best practices will provide an immediate lift in life insurance production. Evidence exists with Lion Street Firms now.
  • Unique and Unparalleled Combination of Subject Expertise: We have combined a unique set of industry insider and outsider experiences to support your performance growth initiatives. They have been designed by Red Flag creators Chuck Hollander and Admiral Ray Smith.
  • Cost Effective: The program provides you with an operationally efficient and cost-effective business solution to help you acquire high-quality life insurance clients quickly and with less effort.
  • Integration: The Red Flag program was designed with the help of Lion Street’s leadership team to deliberately integrate with Lion Street’s Four Owner Advantages and its Firm Building resources.

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