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Partnering With Red Flag

Red Flag delivers something different: We change companies through its people, not its products

Red Flag has studied how today’s changing competitive landscape has made it far more difficult for selling organizations to succeed. We’ve identified how the same set of problems eat away at your margins and revenue, compromising your company growth, and are destroying your ability to sustain a competitive advantage.

While other organizations are competing on undifferentiated products and services and marketing and sales messages that sound the same, there is an unprecedented opportunity to unlock hidden revenue and profits by rethinking the game.

What is the challenge?

Many companies and independent marketing organizations seek to increase the performance and effectiveness of their various channels of distribution through seminars, conferences and other carefully planned symposiums. These forums represent a great opportunity to educate, inspire and motivate the sales force.

The challenge with these meetings is that they are all too often perceived as not having enough utility, not actionable and – most often – not linked to any visible growth or profitable sales performance. Not only are they often devoid of a sustainable lift in sales, they often require increasingly large capital expenditures. Furthermore, they do not help overcome the growing divide between headquarters and the ever-more-independent sales force.

The bottom line is today’s sales professionals do not need more motivation or more “good ideas” – they are already full of them. What they need are results.

Where Red Flag Can help

Red Flag provides proven methods to help its clients win by helping them acquire new client faster and with less effort. And be able to repeat these results…even in a crowded market!

We do this for our clients through Three Game Changing Approaches:

  • Keynotes, Breakouts and Workshops
  • Specialized Training
  • Research

Keynotes, Breakouts and Workshops

“Change your thinking, change the game”.

These programs are carefully designed to provide inspirational and action-based messages. These messages will change the thinking of even the most experienced and successful individuals and teams. Whether a keynote or breakout session, each program is constructed to challenge current thinking and methodically transfer practical knowledge of how world class sales organizations win repeatedly in crowded and commoditized markets.

Specialized Training

“Getting good is no longer good enough.”

These programs are designed to develop the skills and mindsets that are required to build a winning sales organization. This is the place where professional advisors can invest in themselves, their teams and their business. This specialized training centers around three of Red Flag’s core building blocks - Leadership, Team Building and Sales Performance.


“What you don’t see you can’t improve…turning insight into opportunity”

Our Research has been derived from our own experience and our unique direct access to the industry’s top performers and top sales organizations. This research allows us to deliver insight that sales organizations and their sales forces need to know in order to drive growth and profitability from their organizations daily sales activities. Our research provides game changing insight into three main areas:
  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • People
  • Skill sets and mindsets of world class organizations

While the competition is competing on substitutable products, the copycat and “me too” game of strategy, Red Flag is delivering differentiation where it matters most – out in the field where engagement, revenue and profits are actually determined.

“The bottom line is today’s advisors and sales professionals don't need more motivation or more “good ideas” – they are already full of them. What they need are results.”

What others are saying….

“Chuck is rated as a top speaker with every one of his presentations. Why? Because he has the rare ability to motivate, educate and inspire even the most seasoned audiences”.

“He is able to customize his messages in a way that serves as a reminder to his audiences that he is “…one of us.”

“…one of the best speakers I have ever heard….he made the annual meeting…”

““Chuck has a unique way to challenge you.…he inspires you to dream more, learn more and do more

“…for a moment I thought I was watching his mentor on stage…Sid Friedman”

"...one of the best speakers I have heard in 35 year coming to MDRT, Top of the Table and The International Forum"