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Red Flag uncovers hidden inefficiencies that impede growth within your organization

Inefficiency can take many forms within an organization, stifling work performance and bringing growth to a halt. These weaknesses and inefficiencies can stem from a number of internal problems, including:

  • Misalignment in your company’s purpose, principles, and priorities across all levels
  • Lack of accountability for achievements and quality of work
  • Complacency and the inability to stand out
  • Failure to reflect and capture lessons learned
  • Inability to inspire greater performance

To solve these problems, Red Flag specializes in four areas of expertise—leadership, team building, strategic planning, and sales performance. Our programs offer guided instruction and training models to help your company achieve fast, predictable, and sustainable results.


team building


sales performance


  • “Red Flag has changed the way we are building our advisory firm, giving us key insights into how to quickly spot and eliminate inefficiencies that are putting a drag on our business and keeping our team from achieving its full potential. Red Flag has helped our firm deliver more value today for our clients, the team and myself; I wish we had started this program 10 years ago.”

    Cory Hart Perennial Industry Top Producer, Hart Financial Group
  • “For 20 years I tried to get my firm nominated for the” Top Work Place” in Austin, after the Red Flag program my company made it to number 12 on the list of 200; something we hadn’t been able to do in 10 years, the next year we made it to number 7. My people are doing things at the firm because they want to, not because they are told to. Red Flag shifted our entire culture, employee engagement and productivity in less than 6 months.”

    Mike Priede Managing Partner, MetLife Premier Client Group
  • “When you look at the ultra-affluent marketplace, our industry has seen client procrastination reaching all-time highs. Our own firm has seen this up close; the professional advisors to a $250 million dollar family had been trying to get their client to address their liquidity shortfall for close to five years with no action. We were introduced to the family and had a meeting with them 2 days after returning from Red Flag’s client engagement program and we applied Red Flag’s approach and systematically advanced the case to where the family finally agreed to a situation analysis and in less than one week following the first Red Flag session we accomplished something with this family that their professional advisors hadn’t accomplished in all the years they had been working with them – we advanced the case to a close; reaching an agreement and a commitment to have life insurance play a major role in addressing the client’s liquidity shortfall and an application for a $500,000 annual premium. Incidentally as I write this we now have completed paperwork to complete the second phase of the plan for this client which will exceed $1m of premium. In total we will have implemented a $65M insurance portfolio.”

    Matt Davis Industry Top Producer, Oakmont Group, Lion Street Owner & Board Member
  • “Recently we acknowledged that parts of our recruiting process had become outdated. We found that over time our recruiting conversations were beginning to drift from our actual brand and our unique business proposition. One impact this had was leading to recruiting cycles that were getting too long. In a few cases we had prospective recruits, potential Lion Street Owners, in the pipeline for close to 2 years. After the Red Flag strategic recruiting program many of these marquee advisors were re-engaged and the decision to become a Lion Street Owner was reached in less than six months with a few in less than 90 days! We are having more consistent and effective conversations with some of the industry’s most respected and admired producers as a result of our workwith Red Flag and our average recruiting cycle has been reduced by 40%.”

    Bob Carter Founder & CEO, Lion Street

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