Stop Client Procrastination. Boost Your Sales 25%.

Have you struggled with never-ending client procrastination?

Are you tired of chasing prospects who aren’t motivated to act?

Are you ready to take your sales to the next level?

Our online Sales Course Training offers you 24 videos where I’ll go in-depth and explain how you can immediately begin to change your process to essentially eliminate client procrastination.

No more stalled deals after working on a perfectly sound proposal. It all ends today.

Stop wasting time pushing out the benefits of what your company has to offer. I’ll teach how you to understand what your prospect needs from you to turn a “maybe” into a “yes.”

Benefits of our Online Sales Training:

  • Sales Sandbox – Learn to create true value for your prospects and how to influence their decision to become a client, stay a client, and refer others to your company. It’s all about getting clients faster and with less effort!
  • Change Pattern – Learn how to understand the different frames of mind of your prospects. I’ll teach you how to create a client acquisition and sales process that is 100% predictable by knowing how your prospects make decisions. The Change Pattern is built into your DNA and every one of your prospects: it’s how we all make complex decisions.
  • Red Flag Compass – Learn an immediately impactful action plan that eliminates stalled deals and client procrastination. A myth among sales teams is that if you can identify a prospect’s problems, you get the sale when you present them with a solution. Not so. I’ll teach you how to discover if your prospect is ready to fix their problem. Stop wasting your time with proposals that will go nowhere. My training shows you how to motivate your prospects to act.
  • Performance Archetypes – It’s essential that you understand where you are in the Apex Quadrant: Are you a pup, coyote, lone wolf or alpha wolf? I’ll teach you how your organization can grow 3x as fast as you’re currently growing and with 25% more profitability than comparable firms.

 It’s time to take your sales to the next level. Are you ready?

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